Image Settings

Settings for each individual image can be found in the image slideout that appears when you click on an image.

Maiko Image Settings Slide-out

Here you can see details of the uploaded original and

  • Change the title
  • Delete the original. Note: This will also delete all generated image sizes of this image.
  • See statistics on the number of requests, and their origins. You can click on the time “last 30 days” to toggle the time range between 24 hours, 7 days and 30 days.
  • Presets and a custom format option for the image. Also see Stack Settings to learn more about presets.
  • Set the focus for an image. Once the image gets cropped Maiko will always preserve the part of the image where you set the focus to. details here

Art direct the appearance with focus

If you serve different resolutions of the exact same image, changing the focus can be helpful to avoid cropping important information of your image. Just drag the focus to the area of interest in your image and Maiko will preserve this area when applying a crop operation.

Multiple Images

After a single image in a Stack is selected, we can select additional images with shift-click. A menu will appear at the bottom of the screen offering options to delete the selected images or to copy their paths.

You can:

  • Copy image URLs of multiple images in one batch (all preset sizes are available)
  • Delete multiple images